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Editta Sherman, pictured at age 98, was a free-spirited photographer who made portraits of celebrities. She lived for 61 years in a penthouse studio above Carnegie Hall and was called the "Duchess of Carnegie Hall" by generations of musicians, writers, actors and others in the landmark music hall, until she was forced out in 2010 in a landlord-tenant struggle.

National Public Radio "All Things Considered" interview with Josef Astor about Editta's life.

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Subject: Goodbye to a wonderful woman

When I was a young woman, I went for a solo visit to New York for one week.
I didn't have much money so stayed at the YMCA on Amsterdam Avenue and spent my days
wandering the streets of this fantastic city taking endless photographs and meeting ordinary people.
On a noticeboard in a coffee bar, I saw a poster with a picture of Editta and her photographs
in her studio at Carnegie Hall. A few days later, I found myself on the same street as this famous
building and thought I would go in and see if I could say hello to this famous woman at her photography studio.
To my surprise, the doorman said yes, Editta was in the building and directed me to her studio.
I knocked on her door and when she answered I, quite nervously, introduced myself as a passionate photographer
from Scotland on a visit to her wonderful city. I wanted to say hello - after seeing her work in the poster.

Editta invited me in to her studio, showed me her fabulous camera and much of her work. She was very Intrigued
that I knew a lot about some of the retro pottery and ceramics she had on display and when I explained that I had a
retro market stall in my home city Glasgow, she went on to show me her treasured collection of vintage and retro clothing.
We had tea together and I spent a wonderful few hours listening to her stories and just being completely inspired by her talent
and love of life. I have never forgotten how this one experience made my whole holiday.
I returned home with a signed copy of her book and a wonderfully inspiring story to carry with me always.

Thank you Editta. Shine on wherever you are Duchess.